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Dental Implants in Hamilton OH

Dental implant is a titanium replacement of tooth root, on which an implant crown can be installed. Under most conditions, dental implants are the best option to replace missing teeth. However, dentists need a thorough exam to identify if a patient is the good candidate for dental implant treatment. 

Pros of dental implants:

1. Dental implants are stable and durable, and will last very long time.

2. Dental implants give patients good experience, most patients will feel dental implants like their own natural teeth.

3. Dental implants will help to reserve patient's jaw bone. Once the teeth are missing, patient's jaw bone start shrinking and will continue to shrink over lifetime. Dental implants can stop the jaw bone shrinking process.

Cons of dental implants:

1. Cost. The upfront cost is expensive.

2. The treatment process can take several months.

3. Dental implant treatment might need extra procedures, e.g. bone graft, if the patients do not have enough jaw bone.

What does getting dental implants involve?

1. Exam and X-ray to evaluate the quality and quantity of jaw bone.

2. Inserting the implants into jaw bone and closing gum.

3. After several months of healing period, exposing the implants.

4. Taking impression and send it to lab.

5. Installing the tooth into mouth.

The whole process takes approximately 4-5 months, depending upon the quality of patient's jaw bone.


How much does a dental implant cost?

Each implant tooth contains three parts: a dental implant, a custom abutment and a porcelain crown.  For a single tooth implant, the three parts cost about $3,500 to $4,000. If you have dental insurance, the cost will be different. Please call our office at 513-285-4691, we can find your insurance benefit and give you an accurate quote. 



If you need multiple implants or even full mouth implants, the cost won't be simply the aforementioned number multiplying the number of implants you need, because the dentist can strategically design the number of implants you need to support multiple teeth, as the pictures shown here:

Two implants supporting three teeth

Four implants supporting whole arch

dental implant parts
dental implant procedures
implant bridge
Fixed denture

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